April 23, 1913

Note: The following is continued from the April 23, 1913, edition and covers events after the death of Sheriff August D. Singler that morning.

Late this afternoon, William Singler, brother of the slain sheriff in consultation with County Judge Tou Velle and County Commissioner Leever, agreed to accept the appointment as sheriff, upon the understanding that he assist in the care of his brother's family and look after their welfare, a responsibility which he cheerfully agreed to assume. As soon as Commissioner Smith can be reached, the appointment will be made.


The county court will meet in special session tomorrow for the purpose of appointing a successor to August D. Singler, sheriff, who died at the Sacred Heart hospital this morning as a result of a revolver duel with Lester Jones last night.

The choice of the court will not be known until Commissioner Smith, who is on the Upper Rogue River, can reach the county seat and confer with Commissioner Leever and County Judge F.L. Tou Velle, but it is probable that Commissioner Smith will agree to the naming of William Singler.

Colonel George P. Mims of Seven Oaks offered to serve during the 21 months of Singler's term and turn the salary over to Mrs. Singler.

It is not believed that this will be necessary, however as the dependant mother's pension law which was passed by the recent legislature, will provide $62 a month for her support. Singler also left $1,000 life insurance in the Woodmen and it is belived he had a policy for a like amount in an old line company.

A number of other names have been suggested to the court. The appointment will be made Thursday in order that the county will have a sheriff as soon as possible.

By order of County Judge Tou Velle the flag on the courthouse was placed at half mast today.

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