April 11, 1913

Two cracksmen dynamited the safe of the Star Mercantile Company at Rogue River at 5 o'clock this morning and escaped with $150 in cash. Officers north and south are on the lookout for the men while Deputy Sheriff Sandry with a posse are on the trail of the men. They made their getaway on a railroad speeder stolen from the section house.

The men made a thorough job of cracking the safe. They fired four charges of dynamite after piling mattresses over and about the safe. The explosions completely wrecked the strong box, its door being blown a distance of 20 feet. Windows in the store were shattered and goods jarred from the shelves.

J.W. Jacobs, who formerly owned the store, heard the explosions and set about an investigation. He soon determined that the store was being robbed and immediately went for help, summoning Sam Sandry. When they had returned to the scene the men had left.

The cracksmen were traced to the Rogue River depot where they stole a speeder and escaped. It was first believed they had gone south but a tramp later in the day stated that a speeder had passed him about 3:30 o'clock going north. Word was dispatched at once up and down the line and officers notified to keep a lookout for the two men. No description was secured, the only thing left behind being a searchlight which they overlooked in their hurry.


As an aftermath of the fistic encounter in which Gus Newbury and W.E. Phipps of this city were principals, and which was staged in the courtroom at Jacksonville, warrants were issued on the justice of the peace at Jacksonville for the two attorneys. Phipps entered a plea of guilty and paid a fine of $5. Newbury will probably plead not guilty. His hearing is set for 4:15 p.m. today before Justice Dox.

The two attorneys engaged in a heated argument recently during the progress of a case. When court took a recess the two went at it. It was declared a draw by the spectators present.

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