Alleged embezzler draws 12 charges

A bookkeeper for Mustard Press in Medford is accused of stealing more than $140,000 from the business over four years.

Loretta Lynn Floyd, 41, of the 10400 block of Old Stage Road, Gold Hill, is being held in the Jackson County Jail on 12 charges total of aggravated theft, aggravated identity theft and identity theft. Her bail was set at $105,000.

Owners of the commercial printing company, at 679 Brian Way, reported Floyd to the police last July, after recognizing forged signatures on company checks and other accounting discrepancies, said Kathy Mustard, an owner of the business.

"Things were bad for a while. She had been stealing for about three and a half a years but she had escalated the amount she was stealing, so it was really affecting the company and it really affected our employees," Mustard said. "She was a very trusted employee and we thought we were safe, because she was not a signer on the account."

A Medford Police Department investigation revealed that Floyd allegedly created more than 64 fraudulent checks, signed one of the owners' names to each of them and stole a total of $142,386, an MPD news release said.

Before being fired from Mustard Press in July, Floyd was the company's bookkeeper for eight years, Mustard said.

"She was pretty stoic and kind of closed mouth," said Mustard, of Floyd's response to the allegations. "I don't think she realized how much she stole."

Police Wednesday arrested Floyd, who faces six counts of first-degree aggravated theft, three counts of aggravated identity theft and three counts of identity theft.

Mustard said she started reviewing financial records in 2012, when owners realized the business was losing money somehow.

"We noticed the irregularity and we investigated it," she said.

The missing money wasn't traced back to Floyd until the owners went through finances "piece by piece," she said.

"We called the police right away because we feel like if somebody is doing that they need to be held accountable ... they shouldn't be able to just go work at another business."

Mustard Press was founded in 1984 by owners Tom and Kathy Mustard; son Shane Mustard also is an owner of the business.

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