Airport solar project moving, but slowly

Progress on a proposed solar farm at the Medford airport is inching along.

"The county hasn't done anything major with solar before, so our learning curve is a little higher," Airport Director Bern Case said. "It's taking longer than we thought, but we do have a pending document kicking back and forth."

Even after Jackson County and RHT Energy Solutions of Medford finalize a deal, Case anticipates it will be 2011 before the project takes shape.

Last July, the county said it wanted to place photovoltaic solar panels — capable of generating as much as 7.9 megawatts of power — on 47 acres of county land between Corona and Whittle avenues south of Crater Lake Highway, about a quarter mile east of the Fred Meyer store.

The solar farm would produce enough electricity to power 1,500 homes during peak production.

— Greg Stiles

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