About this series

About this series

When veterans return home, can they ever really leave the war behind? "Shadows of Combat" looks at the psychological effects of combat on veterans from four U.S. wars.

Today: Suffering from PTSD after sustained combat in Baghdad, Christopher Kilian nearly landed in jail after returning home to Fieldbrook, Calif. Now he's getting the help he needs in White City.

Monday: News coverage of Iraq triggers memories for Larry Rupp of Medford, who earned two Silver Stars for bravery in Vietnam.

Tuesday: Duane Rifenbark of Medford, who was shot in the knee in Korea, says war is "the most abnormal environment a man can get himself into."

Wednesday: Bob Kyle of Medford, who was struck in the face by shrapnel in World War II, initially shrugs off a suggestion that war affected him psychologically. But his wife remembers differently.

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