A flurry of activity

The Rogue Valley could see a few snowflakes again today as rainy weather sets in for the upcoming week, forecasters said.

The flakes fell intermittently on Saturday between bands of sunshine.

"We did not have any heavy accumulation," said National Weather Service forecaster Jay Stockton. "The soil on the valley floor is too warm for it to stick."

Stockton said none of the area's mountains received any serious snowfall. Interstate 5 through the Siskiyou Summit remained clear late Saturday.

The next two days will bring showers and highs into the 50s, Stockton said.

"It will be warmer than (Saturday)," he added. "You might see the sun peek through the clouds now and then, but it won't last very long."

There is a chance of showers every day in the upcoming week, with temperatures hitting the 50s during the day before sinking to the mid- to high 30s at night.

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