Dan Kraft of Ashland uses the crosswalk at Hersey and North Main streets every day. That intersection is one of six identified in Ashland as being more dangerous than similarly designed intersections. - Jamie Lusch

6 Ashland intersections labeled dangerous

Six Ashland intersections exceed their critical crash rates, meaning they are more dangerous than similarly designed intersections, a study by a Portland engineering firm has found.

The city's Planning and Transportation commissions held a joint meeting Tuesday to discuss the Oct. 14 study, an assessment of transportation in Ashland that officials are using to revamp the city's Transportation System Plan.

"I think we want to look at these intersections, for sure," Planning Commission Chairwoman Pam Marsh said Wednesday. "Whether or not we're going to want to spend a whole lot of money fixing them is another question."

The intersections include North Main, Hersey and Wimer streets; East Main and Oak streets; Siskiyou Boulevard and Tolman Creek Road; Siskiyou Boulevard, Lithia Way and East Main Street; Ashland Street and Tolman Creek Road; and Ashland Street, East Main Street and Oak Knoll Drive.

An intersection's critical crash rate is calculated using an engineering formula from the national Highway Safety Manual, according to the report.

The report makes several suggestions for fixing the intersections, which include adding turn lanes, traffic signals, roundabouts and red-light cameras. Engineering firm Kittelson & Associates Inc. also suggests realigning some of the streets or prohibiting parking that obstructs views.

The city's Planning and Transportation commissioners didn't weigh in on the options presented Tuesday, but will continue to consider them as they create the city's new Transportation System Plan, Marsh said.

— Ashland Daily Tidings

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