5 ways to look good in a tank top

5 ways to look good in a tank top

Everybody knows the ritual: We stand in front of the mirror, evaluating the droops and bulges of indulgence and inactivity. If your goal is to look good in summer tank tops and shorts, below are some ideas to help you achieve that bring-on-the-beachwear look.

1. Exercise every day

What do you need to get in the best shape of your life? Sixty minutes of vigorous exercise daily. If you get bored easily doing the same routine day in and day out, don't be afraid to mix it up. On Monday, take the dog for a long walk; play tennis on Tuesday; go for a swim at the local pool on Wednesday; go for a bike ride on Thursday and hike Roxy Ann on Friday.

2. Eat five to seven small meals per day

Eating small, frequent, sensible meals throughout the day will level out your blood sugar and provide your muscles and body with a consistent energy source, as well as the appropriate nutrition you need to get you through the entire day. This constant supply of good food also stimulates your metabolism to burn, baby, burn.

3. Reduce your calories by 300 a day

There are 3,500 calories packed into 1 pound of fat. If you cut your calories by 300 per day, times 30 days in a month, that is a 9,000-calorie deficit — approximately 2.5 pounds of ugly body fat gone. Combine this with exercise, and you are virtually guaranteed to win the fight against the fat covering up your sexy abdominal section. The only variable is the length of time it will take (some of us have more stored body fat than others).

4. Lift weights with little to no rest between sets

Not only does properly lifting weights strengthen your muscular-skeletal system and help keep your bones strong, but a strength-training program is key to developing a sexy, strong, physically attractive body. And by not resting between sets, you will keep your heart rate up, signaling your body to burn that body fat.

5. Consult a personal trainer

Personal trainers train, study and devote themselves to being better every day. They learn the latest workout techniques and nutritional information. They banish workout boredom, ensure proper form and provide motivation and accountability. It's a worthwhile investment to help you get and stay in tip-top shape.

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