First Place: 'Peep and a Bird,' by W.R. Young of Eagle Point - Courtesy of W.R. Young

2013 Peeps Photo Contest winners

An image of a Peep lounging poolside as a curious, feathered colleague looks on is the winner of the Mail Tribune/Daily Tidings Peeps Photo Contest.

The contest drew 19 staged, creative shots of Peeps. Some depicted scenes from stories while others were more artistic in nature.

Eagle Point resident W.R. Young, who snapped the winning photo, "Peep and a Bird," said he set a Peep on the edge of his birdbath before driving off in his truck to another shoot. When he returned about 45 minutes later, his Peep had company.

"When I came back, there was a little sparrow sitting there," Young said, adding he had anticipated birds might come by for a bath, and maybe for a closer look at the confectionery cousin.

"You never know when they're going to come down to the bird bath."

The "People's Choice" winner, chosen by online voters, went to Greg Badger of Medford for his "Peeps For Breakfast" photo. The image showed two children about to dig in to a bear-sized Peep with forks.

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