10-year-old girl raises $135.70 for Criado fund

A 10-year-old girl has raised $135.70 for Rogue Federal Credit Union's Criado Family Memorial Fund.

Makenzie Dayton of Klamath Falls went door-to-door in her father Donald Dayton's Phoenix neighborhood collecting cash donations to assist the family of slain Tabasha Paige-Criado and her four children.

Makenzie said she did not know any of the Criado children, but said the fundraising was a "good" thing.

Her father said Makenzie came to him with the idea to raise the money.

"She said she wanted to help somehow, and I gave her the options of what she could do," he said.

RFCU Electronic Delivery Administrator Jim DeBoer said that Makenzie and her father had made the donation Friday morning, and that the donation was one of the largest that the fund had received so far.

DeBoer said that the fund stood at $4,121 as of Friday evening and that most donations had been about $10 or $15. Donations can be made in person at RFCU locations or over the phone.

"It doesn't take much, if you have five bucks, you can donate it," DeBoer said.

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