Melissa Perdue, 23, waits near the phone at her home on Aldersgate Road for any information about her brother Brandon, who’s been missing since June 13. - Bob Pennell

'A needle in a haystack'

A glimpse of Brandon Perdue's MySpace page tells you a little about his mind-set before he disappeared last week into the wilderness around Lake of the Woods.

The Web page greets you with the hip hop song "When I'm Gone" by Eminem and a message left by Perdue reading, "I don't want to be here anymore."

"He's a good kid," said his sister Melissa Perdue. "We are mystified and have no idea why he's doing this."

Perdue was last seen the evening of June 13 at a Dairy Queen in White City. The previous day he had told his girlfriend, Lyndsey Davee, 17, he might harm himself by overdosing on pills.

"He told me we would never find him," Davee said.

So far, Perdue's promise has held true, as police have scoured the area surrounding Lake of the Woods and Lost Creek Lake, a spot frequented by the teenager, to no avail.

"When he gets mad sometimes he drives out to Lost Creek Lake to get his mind off of things," Davee said. "Driving is a way he deals with stress."

A signal from Perdue's cell phone bounced off a tower near Lake of the Woods off Highway 140 at about 8 p.m. the night he vanished. A thorough ground and air search by Jackson County search and rescue crews failed to locate Perdue or his 1998 red Honda Civic.

"It really is a huge area," said Medford police Lt. Tim Doney.

"You are talking about thousands of acres. Finding him or the car is like finding a needle in a haystack."

Officers from several police agencies were given the information concerning Perdue and are keeping their eyes out for him or the car, Doney said.

Meanwhile, Perdue's parents are camping at Lake of the Woods and searching for him throughout the day.

"My mother's on a mission," Melissa Perdue said. "She will conquer every gravel road out there to find him."

Perdue has described a desire to leave the area, perhaps heading to the beach, over the past weeks, Davee said.

Jordan Smith, 17, who has been friends with Perdue for nearly three years, said Perdue was in good spirits the last time the two hung out together just before he disappeared.

"We were out Wednesday and he was totally normal," Smith said. "He bought two CDs. One of them was MC Hammer, which he thought was funny."

The suicide threats have the group on edge, though Perdue has never actually attempted to kill himself, family members said. Perdue told Davee he might try to overdose on Extra Strength Tylenol. His sister confirmed some Tylenol has been missing from their home on Aldersgate Road in east Medford.

"We don't know if he really took the pills," Melissa Perdue said.

No one knows what may have set Perdue off the week before he left. He goes through angry spells, Davee said, but usually alleviates them by cruising around in his car.

Police are asking that anyone who has seen the Honda Civic, with Oregon license plates reading XVB 615, to call 9-1-1. The car also has silver after-market rims and tinted windows.

Doney said the only thing police can do is wait for a reported sighting of Perdue or the red Honda.

"The family is understandably upset," Doney said. "Any of us placed in that position would feel exactly the same way."

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